June 22, 2020

2020 is my 10th year of publishing in academia. So, I decided to have a self-evaluation on my publication records to understand what do I need to change.

  • Written 36 journal papers, and 30 of them (83%) have been published (gave up on 6 of them).

  • 76% of the published ones have been (or will be soon) indexed in Scopus, while the remaining 23% have not.

  • First author in 16 published papers (53% of the publications).

  • Corresponding author in 13 published papers (43% of the publications).

  • Published in 18 different journals.

  • The highest number of papers published in a journal is 5 (Energy, Elsevier), while the second-highest is 3 (Ocean Engineering, Elsevier)​.

  • The number of submission attempts is 78, including: 45 times of rejection, 30 times of acceptance and 3 times of withdrawal.

  • 38% of the submissions have been successful, while 58% of them have been rejected. This is what we usually do not share! We just share the tip of the iceberg.

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